Thursday, July 23, 2015

Two by Two: James Preston


My oh my Ry

Man of the Moment: Matt Cohen

Hot actor who apparently loves boxing!

Photography by S Tong.

Two by Two: TJ

Does he got a last name?

Field of Green

Chad White in Black and...Gray

From Wing (or is it Winq) magazine.

Here he is, climbing a fence.


Acrobatic Dexterity

Simon Dexter can jump in my backyard anytime~!

Two by Two: Greg Finley, again


Ryan Jacob Wood


Collge Lust


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bowflex Substitute

For me, Josh Morehouse will always be the ultimate, original, and hottest Bowflex model. But the following guys could give him a run for his money...

Is this guy the same as the one above?


Andrew Returns

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder...
*Andrew Cooper: Man of Two Weeks,
So, did you miss him?

Surviving on Rice

Wow, survivor should advertise itself as the ultimate weight loss program! And Chase Rice should be a spokesmodel!

Now, of course, Chase is already a hunk and his body is already perfect at the beginning of the competition...

But you can definitely see the drastic change in his body composition! Several weeks into the competition, Chase is now a lot leaner but still 100% hunk!

Kellan LUST

Who wants to buy Kellan?

There are of course many many other hot guys in this issue of People, but I don't have the will to scan and post them all. So here is a list of guys who has a decent size image worthy of scanning. I will upload the top few chosen guys. You may choose up to 5 men!