Thursday, July 2, 2015

Letting go...

So, I've been going through the grieving process. Ya know...denial...anger...bargaining...and all that jazz after learning that one of my favorite men in the world...David hitched. Well, now I think I'm ready to accept the fact that so many of the men I post on this blog will never be interested in me (for many reasons, but let's not go into detail or I'll become depressed again.) So for this post, I'd like to do a straight-theme of some of my favorite guys...hanging out with, bleh, girls...

The girl that David has an arm around is not his wife, but ya know, it's symbolic.

Hmm, I wonder if Former Man of Two Weeks...Tyler taken yet...


Why is this stupid girl trying to push Tomas Skoloudik away? Makes no sense.

Bobby Blanski....such a cutie!

Who are these unknown straight guys?

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