Tuesday, June 30, 2015

BuhBye Clynes

Although the choices to begin featuring this man on a Tuesday and to officially announce him as Man of the Week on Wednesday were a bit odd. And it seems strange that it's taken me almost three years to get to this point...But I daresay there is nothing wrong whatsoever that Justin Clynes has finally been spotlighted on my blog the way he deserves to be featured.

To send him off. Here are some of my favorite comments on him this week:

From Rob: "He is undoubtedly the most handsome young man I have seen on here. Justin certainly has what it takes to me a model and a star. I'm a semi retired professional photographer and I'd love to get him behind the lens of my camera...whoa! He has been blessed."

From Mike: "There's this line that guys cross between being a young man and full-fledged man, and with most guys I find they lose something as they cross is. But this guys is actually much more beautiful than he was few years ago."

From Marc: "That heavy sigh you hear is me falling head over heels for him right along with you!"

Finally, as someone simply put it, "wow"!

Thanks to everyone's great comments. As much fun as it is for me to post the guys I like...it's ten times funner to hear your thoughts, whether bad or good. Thanks for keeping my (fledgling) interest in this blog alive!

Lord in the Ring

He's hot, and he sure know how to use props to work out!

Whoever this guy is (and I don't think it's Jason Lee), he can be lord in my bedroom!

Two by Two: Clay Adler

Hot, handsome, hunk!


Two by Two: Jake Shears

Fighting Fire Shirtlessly

#1. The Hoser...

#2. The Sponger...

#3. The Axer....

#4. The Helmeter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*sorry, other than the very top pic, there's no other good pic of him :(

Well, I think my favorite guy should be pretty obvious! Who's yours?

In Love with Adam Love

Alright, so I lied before about not having another pic of Firefighter #4.
He deserves a post all for himself, not as part of a link that few people would click on.
*Yes, I'm intentionally influencing the votes. Sue me!*


Photographer Justin Steele captures every moment of athletes' workout routine....





Plaid Again

This guy is the same guy as the one pictured below in 12:01 AM post.
Why did I separate these pix in two different posts you ask?
Well, one...it draws in more traffic if my blog is updated more often.
Two, a more important reason...
These pictures of this guy, Adam Miller, are so gorgeous...
it's a crime to not spotlight them individually!

I'll give you a giant cookie if you can tell me when I last posted a pic of Adam Miller!!!!

Expanded Elements

The first ever Elements-themed post garnered lots of positive comments, as well as some helpful suggestions. So here is an expanded list of elements...

Like Cosmopolitan writers, I'm gonna scribble down my interpretations of the elements based on no scientific evidence whatsoever. You may agree or disagree by my rationale, so chime in and comment (WHAT IS YOUR ELEMENT?) Also, instead of saying, 'a person' to be politically correct, I will go ahead and say 'man' and 'he' in my description.

Air: The Element of Free-Spirit.
A man with this element is always looking for an adventure. His life never slows down because he doesn't let himself get bogged down with burdens that many people carry. He's probably the most fun and interesting person you've ever spent time with, but don't expect him to settle down anytime soon. Although his life has no focus, he believes living is better without an end in sight.

Wood: The Element of Growth.
The only organic element. Like a tree, this man may be immature at youth, but grows steadily stronger and wiser with age. A man with this element goes through the ups and downs of life and ends up gaining the most from his experiences. Rather than letting the bad times get him down, he will learn from his mistakes. He will relish in the happy times, but he will also cherish the small, quiet moments that other men take for granted.

Earth: The Element of Balance & Wisdom.
It may take Wood a lifetime to mature; this element is already mature. A man with this element knows what he wants to do in his life from an early age, and can plan out how to achieve his goals. His judgment are well-thought out and impartial, thus his opinions remain relatively stable. It takes quite a disturbance to change his mind, but once he is forced to reevaluate his beliefs, his renewed thought-system will be more solid than ever.

Metal: The Element of Manipulation.
Don't take 'manipulation' as a bad word. In its raw form, this element is just rock, but once forged and purified, this element symbolizes modernity and outward-looking. Infused with iron, steel, even gold, a man with this element can be as tough and strong, or malleable and flexible when facing a challenge, and almost always, he gets his way at the end. A hard-worker, and creative-thinker, this man will often surprise you with great and novel ideas about life and technology.

Water: The Element of Serenity.
A man with this element strives for peace and harmony. Though he can conform to the vessels of other people's opinions, he is by no means a pushover. When faced with two opposing opinions, his current of influence can often guide others to some sort of agreement (and this agreement often coincide with the man's beliefs).

Fire: The Element of Passion.
You'll never have to guess what this man is thinking. He wears his thoughts and emotions on his sleeves, and in certain circumstances, these emotions might slip down to his fists. He experiences and expresses all emotions ten times more than the average person, which means he is capable of so much tender care and love, and yet liable to harm himself and others in his fit of passion.

Elements 1

I've been watching the cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender, online!

Earth, brought to you by Mark Brent.

Air, brought to you by Gabe Johansen.

Water, brought to you by my lover, Marc Oliver.
*Just restored the linked post, so check it out again*

Fire, brought to you by Johnny Storm. Ahem, Human Torch. No, wait, Chris Evans.

How do you feel about this post becoming a recurring theme, 4 hot guys representing 4 different ancient elements?!? Yes, no, maybe so?

Man of the Moment: Ian Plasman

21 year old Canadian stud and aspiring model...he's got great potential, don't you agree?

Great hair, captivating eyes, and one of the sexiest backside I've seen in a while...
And thanks to MapleCarton Photography for capturing that backside!

So yeah, if you're a photographer or ad agency, and feel Ian is the right man for your work, definitely contact him! Ian is represented by P3 Talent. Here's his model mayhem page.

Attention-Grabbing Lukas

Although Hottie Hopwood got the coveted front cover of the A&F quarterly, I was shocked to come to the conclusion that this guy actually appeared on more pages than Justin (and probably the most pages of any model!)

But my shock didn't last long, cuz LOOK AT HIM! He's effing gorgeous!!!!

Lukas Moffett (thx Catherine for leading me to the last name) is definitely my favorite discovery in the entire quarterly (and he's got some stiff competition too!)
Such sexy hair, beautiful eyes, and puckerlicious lips...

I've never seen so many signs echoing the same thoughts I have for a model before!