Thursday, July 2, 2015

Adam's Look-a-likes

I know that each man is his own unique identity, but due to my select preference of men, sometimes I do find similarities in the type of guys I like. And you gotta admit...those A&F models look exactly the same. Anyhow, here's my message to Adam if he ever reads this: picking out other men who look like you doesn't make you less special. In fact, it makes you more special because I cared and studied your face enough to look for those qualities on other men.

I've done a similar post for Chad Pinther, who is among the top 3 favorite models of all time, so yeah, just because I thought there were many men who shares his features...doesn't make me love him any less.

Alright, let's get started...

How about Adam and Chris Evans? While Chris's hair is a bit darker and his nose is a big bigger, there is some uncanny similar facial features between the two. Tell me you see it too! Ooh, and just check out Chris with combed hair...

What about Adam and Matt Lanter? The hair color is different, but the lips sure look the same. Not convinced? Check out Adam's face versus Matt's face.

Let's examine Adam and Scott Herman. If we switch their heads, I don't think anybody would notice. I mean, they have the exact same body! Are they twins?
Let's compare Adam with a former Man of the Week Maxwell Zagorski. First up, the hair! Definitely, they share the same style! Similar tone in chest and abs! The lips, the eyes...don't you all see it?

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